This is the customer connection & approval area

If your artwork is finished an icon of it
will appear in the

Click on YOUR icon to view an enlargement of the artwork.
Here you can verify that it has the options you want on it.
This is the opportunity to double check your order. You
might have forgotten something and now is the time to
fix that error. I might have forgotten something as well
and now is the time to get everything just right.

If your artwork is being worked on an icon of it
will appear in the

Click on YOUR icon to view an enlargement of the artwork.
Here you can see how things are progressing. If I have a
question you can read that here and email me an answer.
Please be sure to check here often so we can move though
the art process as fast as possible. This is a very tedious type
of artwork, but with your help, we can make this an extraordinary
fineart print - assuring that we get everything just right. Never
hesitate to call me. I work late.

If your artwork needs special attention and/or freshly
drawn elements you can find that information in the

Vector art is very time consuming. Each body style created
in my library consists of nearly 40 hours per body style (Charger,
Challenger, etc. sheet metal). This includes every available
(visible) option like small manual mirrors, body trim, etc.
When I set up at shows like Chrysler Carlisle, Englishtown
Atlantic Mopar Nationals, Houston Lonestar Shootout, and
the Mopar Nat's in Columbus Ohio you can find me running
around looking for any missing options that I need reference
photos for. Believe me, the amount of time building this library
has been enormous.

If your artwork has not been finished your name might
appear in the

Please work with me as I get finished with unfinished projects. If
your art has been waiting, you are very likely to get enhancements
that were previously unavailable when you ordered your art. As the
years pass some art gets redrawn to fix weak details. Please don't
hesitate to call me. Let's get your art done. If its been awhile since
we talked, you are due a favor. I always put more time and care into
the art than I get paid for; my customers are always amazed at how
the art looks even better than what they see online. October 2007