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Please keep in mind that this is a Fineart Product and it does require your direct involvement.

The closer we stay connected the faster the art gets finished. If I miss a detail I need you (who knows your car best) to remind me. If the color is not correct that's a more difficult fix for me and will take some extra time to get it correct (within reason).

There are many others waiting for their art so let's keep the relationship connected and smooth.

I am still developing the many colors available and just managing the demand can be overwhelming. Help me keep the cost low so everyone can have one of the finest illustrations available. You'll be amazed at the detail.

Please be patient and work alongside me in the creation of a work of art for your Legendary Musclecar!


Asterisk indicates there is no Barracuda, Charger, R/T, Superbee or Dart available for 66, 67, 68, 69 (only the 68 Barracuda).


Thank You For Your Order!
You are able to interact directly with the artist to create a Fine-Art print made to your exact specifications. Incredible! It is expected that the customer stay in touch along the way. This way you are assured that the finished piece is exactly the way you want it. This is not fast food. Its truly an amazing creation and it takes time. The detail is fabulous and you will enjoy this art for years to come So let's get it right.
Once finished your art will appear in the APPROVALS Section found on the home page. Click APPROVALS. Locate the YEAR and BODY STYLE buttons. Then locate your car visually. Clicking on this image will open your page with YOUR NAME at the TOP of the page.
If you want an inexpensive print you can purchase a prebuilt image from the Stock Art Library. Modifications are limited. Choose Year, Body Style, Hood, Color & Stripe.


Click the Submit Button to send your order information to Glenn Belfiore
BELFIORE DESIGN • 1207 Marie Avenue • Ephrata, PA 17522 • 717-341-1192
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Each car must be ordered separately and will be posted separately.

Accepted methods of payment include
For Visa & Mastercard purchases call me to transmit your card information personally.

Payment can be made using PAYPAL to

You can pay for your order by clicking the PayPal Button below. You will be guided along the way and a receipt will be issued for you to print out. Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions. When you're finshed with Paypal you'll be brought back to If you cancel your payment process midway it will bring you back here.

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