H O W  W E  D O  I T
  717.738.3266 is the home of the finest full-color artwork created exclusively for 2 door Mopar Musclecars from the 60's & 70's. After investing nearly 40 hours of illustration time per musclecar I am able to recreate your exact musclecar from your list of options for an affordable price. Whether your car is in your garage or has been lost to the past I can rebuild your exact car right down to the bumper guards.

Each illustration is hand-created using my predrawn parts. I take your list of options and build your car exactly
as you want it - whether that's Concours correct or with your own personal touch including options not normally available for your car when it was ordered back in the day. When you receive your Full-Color archival 13 x 19 print you will be able to enjoy the fabulous detail put into every drawing. As an example, one bumper and grill requires 8 hours to recreate in vector art format using an Apple Macintosh in the professional software Adobe Illustrator.

The benefit gained from such a huge investment of time is the ability to remove options, since they are objects, just as they are in real-life. Maybe this animation will help demonstrate "image building" using a library of parts:

If you have options which I don't have already created - such as a particular set of Mag wheels - I can draw them for your art for an extra (negotiated) amount. Contact me for more info regarding unusual options like blowers, mags or trim options. So, look around the website. Every order includes the ability to choose any background layout you desire as well as your exact license plate (and the rear tag for 70 Roadrunners and Superbirds).

You'll find here hundreds of custom orders of Cudas, Challengers, AAR Cudas, T/As, Chargers, Roadrunners, GTXs, Superbirds, Daytonas, Dusters, Darts, Demons, R/Ts, Superbees, and Satellites. Beware I am still working on anything earlier than 68 and A-Body Cars are currently in the process of being drawn. There are also a couple missing B-Body cars like the 71-74 Chargers & 71 & 72 Superbees. The 69 Superbee/ Coronet is also waiting to be drawn. You are welcome to place your order for these cars but please be patient as many customers are eagerly awaiting their art. Check out the Stock Art page for less expensive artwork options.

Once your art has been created it is archived with your last name on it and it is stored on compact disk. Should you wish to reprint your art at a different size just call or email your request and we'll get it in process. Remember your art can be reprinted to absolutely ANY size and to nearly ANY media like Cloth, Paper, Shirts or decals. The options are endless. As a creative professional I must also make it clear that any reproduction of my art is expressly forbidden and is a violation of copyright law. Color copies or any use of the art I have created must be cleared in writing and will be evaluated in a case by case manner.

Every print created by will last up to 200 years since they are printed on archival quality Epson papers, using archival grade, 6-color, printing inks. Enjoy the website. Customers always tell me the real print is far better than what you see here!