S A M P L E S


  So, I don't have your car drawn ... yet ...
  Send me a photo and I will remove the background imagery and
  create a fineart print for $60 printed to the standard 13 x 19 photo paper.

  Oh, by the way, here's a sample! Photos taken at the Mopar Nats 2007

  This Fury is a Survivor Car on display across from my Midway Display.

  Note the bent front bumper and grill repair. If you look close
  you can see that I have removed some distracting reflections
  and a dent behind the drivers door. Oh, and the tag was changed
  at the customer's request. Miracles do happen!
   Website logo is not on final print.

Photos taken using a Kodak Easy Share Z650 Digital Camera (6.1 Megapixels).
 • Sunlight behind me.  • Taken at 4:30pm (low sun position).  • Take photos before 9:30am and after 4pm.
   • The smaller the megapixel number the smaller the print must be printed.